Sex Swing Buying Guide: Choosing The Right Sex Swing

The love swing is a hot topic (not least because of Fifty Shades of Gray) and that’s exactly why we looked at it. The idea of ??new dynamic positions, quick changes of positions and sex at high altitude have been very appealing to us. Who had not the desire in the middle of sex to turn the partner now to his heart’s content and to be able to turn into the position that one in the moment ? How often do you change your position during sex too little? What will be a better choice between Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing?

With the love swing, this should be done quickly and comfortably. Of course, quite different positions are possible here and a lot of what else works in bed is not necessarily there.

What is a love swing?

A love swing is a free-floating construct, which mostly consists of plastic or artificial leather. The construction is attached to the ceiling with hooks and chains or on a specially made frame. The love swing – in English also Love Swing or Sex Swing – allows the passive part to take a free-floating posture. The person sets or lays as needed in the brackets of the swing. This position allows the active part to enter the vagina, anus or mouth of the passive part relatively freely (depending on the position). Furthermore, the love swing also avoids various sore muscles or bruises and dislocations in more demanding positions and intense lovemaking. You can find many of these at

The look of the love swing looks to us already strong paint and leather, you think just deters many interested first. But you do not have to be confused. It is a swing in which one can not only sit, but also lie hence more straps than normal swings. There are several variations, for example with a mat or board, in which mat or board form the sitting or lying surface.

Expert choice – first impression

There are various types of love swings and also some shops where you can browse. The sight of various frames makes you want to try that too.

Experts finally chose the Seat Sling variant, as this model gives us the greatest possible freedom in the floating position. It is height adjustable by the chain and thus very variable. The other variants with hammock and board limit the use and freedom in our opinion again something. The loose and free-hanging seat straps nothing disturbing in the way of lovemaking in the way and the passive part can be rotated and turned depending on your mood.

Seat Sling model – great freedom in lovemaking

You can buy sex swing from the well known sex store, because they hold good reviews. Certainly it is a slightly more expensive model, but especially with devices that are supposed to hold the weight of people, you did not want to save at the wrong end.

First impression – beautiful look and overcoming the use

The love swing makes a very good impression on us. The workmanship is solid and the quality is good. The straps and foot shells look quite stable. The idea that someone should hang there does not scare us. We do not have the feeling that something here does not stand up to the strain and tears it down. On the contrary: Actually, we are very pleased with the material. It feels comfortable, but also very resistant. The only thing that causes us a small drop of sweat on the forehead is the hook on the ceiling. Of course, we have previously researched what kind we need for the ceiling procurement. Actually, it should be able to withstand anything up to 150kg, but a bit of skepticism remains.

In order to weaken the little fear of a fall, we have padded the place under the love swing with a mattress from the bed. It does not protect 100%, but we were a little calmer, even though we were pretty sure NO accident would happen.

The positioning in the love swing is a bit complicated in the beginning. It takes a while until it is clear exactly, which body part has to go up and down to reach the desired position. But after a few minutes we had the hang of it. Then quick position changes are easily possible, not just the turning, turning and rocking of the passive part in the swing.

In the Love Swing you can lie and sit very comfortably. It is really pleasant and unproblematic, a cozy place. Here you can also read a book in full chill, or just hang out.

Other models and attachment

There are many more models that look very interesting, but unfortunately we can not test each one. It is important that the part is height adjustable and that it has a certain quality. If it breaks, then the screaming is great. It should also be made of comfortable material. Plastic and artificial leather are the most common materials here and feel pleasant on the skin. Just have a look at this model with hammock.

The most important thing before you even get started is the attachment. For this you need to know the material of the blanket to know which screw you can use. We picked out a set of screws for here:

The love swing test

The love swing test we did not just once, but several times. We wanted a really unadulterated result. Not one that is characterized by anticipation or our initial skepticism. In addition, the love swing is completely uncharted territory for us. We are familiar with popular love toys. The Love Swing, on the other hand, is a brand new construction site because we had never tried sex furniture before. If you like, it’s the first time.

To anticipate one thing immediately: the love swing is great! In particular, we mean the idea behind it. The free-floating sex, with great freedom and high dynamics is really completely different than the traditional love game. It was great fun. The positions are all very easy of the hand. With the love swing we change our positions about twice as often as before.

At first, we thought that was because of anticipation and something β€œnew “. But even the repeated test creates its own dynamics in lovemaking. You let yourself be carried away by the movements. It is no longer possible to lie still. You are almost infected by it.

Optics also plays a big role. Especially for the active part, it looks as if the partner is at the mercy. The turning back and forth happens in seconds and is associated with no complicated contortions. The active part has definitely the scepter in his hand and must use it, otherwise the levitating sex is not properly lived out. The whole use is free of bruises or welts, the straps are soft and pleasant on the skin. Only the foot straps could be a bit bigger and the lack of hand straps on this model is a shame.

Even if it looks like the passive part is at stake, this is not a shackle. There is no dominant bondage talk here; the one sitting in the love swing can get up within seconds. Man or woman is not delivered!

The passive part has to enjoy more and be in control. Woman can let go and pamper here. It’s great to hang out. In many positions, it is also so that the man can penetrate much better and deeper . Any kind of penetration is possible; it depends only on the position. If you are on Deep Throat and otherwise back links over the edge of the bed, so you can easily much more comfortable on the love swing. The man can penetrate much better and you can enjoy it much better without the hard edge of the bed.

These are just a few examples of great use. We tried a lot and everything worked well. Due to the new dynamics and the new sense of sex, it was also that we both came much faster. The orgasm was not better or worse than normal, but I was definitely a lot more agitated and could let myself go better. The male part was different. He had a faster and better orgasm than usual. The many new stimuli have made it very difficult for him to persevere. It was really just great and brings a lot of new spice into sex life.