6 tips to win tokens that every camgirl should know

Creating a routine that helps you to organize everything you need to do while you’re online can help you to win more tokens. If you are a camgirl that’s starting in this world it could be key to the success of your career. Personal presentation Your image is one of the most important things to […]

Camgirl 101 – Shit to do first

So you’re broke as fuck and you are stoked on camming and want to shred off all your clothes and make a million bucks right this fucking second. I get it. Read this first. It’s worth it to be prepared. SOCIAL MEDIA SHIT (DO THIS FIRST) 1) Lock down your personal social media. Instagram, facebook, […]

My Experience Working As A Cam Girl

It happened through a friend of a friend of mine. That’s usually how these things go. She had found, through a network of girls, a website that paid decent money for cam girling if you put the work in. I signed up, submitted my name, ID, bank details and some photos and within 24 hours […]

Prostate Massage: Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

At a young age men barely notice their prostate, but when they get older they often cause problems. Then the chestnut-sized organ begins to grow slowly. How big it is and if eventually cancer develops, depends on many factors – on some men have influence. These tips help keep the prostate healthy. At some point, […]

Are There Advantages To Wearing A Chastity Device?

The best male chastity device long-term closure should be comfortable, invisible under clothing, safe and effective and, of course, the keynote’s ideas. It is a device that all should fulfill these requirements, which prevents an orgasm and masturbation impossible makes. To develop a universal model here, which suits all people, is impossible. So there is […]

How Can You Make Your Own Penis Plug?

Picking a penis plug can be somewhat overwhelming the first run through however what is significantly additionally threatening is the point at which you take it home and you are prepared to utilize it the first run through. A blended rush of feelings comes over you as you envision in your mind what it will […]

How To Properly Stimulate Your Butt for Maximum Pleasure

The anus in pegging is a workplace, so in order to get unforgettable pleasure from a strap-on it should be kept developed. Experts give you their best advice on how to gape your asshole. Designed anus The sphincter must have certain elasticity and be capable of stretching. Before you begin training on the development of […]

What Are Exercises for Incontinence?

Do you experience the ill effects of urinary incontinence? Have you known about pelvic floor training methods utilized for urinary incontinence? Discover what they are and how they can help diminish your urinary incontinence. Pelvic Floor Education The pelvic floor alludes to the body part at the base of the pelvis and between the legs. […]