Nipple clamps 101: A beginner’s guide

The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions sex is penetration. And that’s okay since penile and vaginal stimulation is the basis of any sexual intercourse. However, there’s a whole world of other possibilities you can play around with. Our article aims to guide you through the ins and outs of nipple play and clamp sex toys.

What are nipple clamps?

Namely, nipple clamps are sex toys that stimulate male or female tits. By pinching the nipple, they restrict the blood flow inside the breasts, making them more sensitive to licking, sucking, or even biting. Once you remove the clamp, the blood will return and cause a feeling of overwhelming sensation.

Of course, breasts are erogenous zones. So, it’s no wonder why we enjoy playing around with them. Nipple clamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from small and gentle to big and feisty. Some people enjoy adding weights to their clamps or simply linking them with other sex toys on their bodies (e.g., cock cages, clit clamps).

Why you Should try it

Like we’ve said — nipples are rather sensitive. As such, there’s a whole set of possibilities you can explore. Most people will talk about stimulating the clitoris or massaging a guy’s prostate, but they forget to mention how nipple play can lead you to a powerful orgasm too. Yup, nipple orgasms are a real thing.

Nevertheless, playing with them can up your sex life by a mile. From slight pinching to complete annihilation, nipple clamps can take your sexuality in a new direction. Maybe you enjoy some form of BDSM, but you don’t know it yet? Or maybe you just like to search for new ways of getting off?

How to use a nipple clamp

Firstly, it’s important to mention that you should try them out while alone. You can use your fingers or even your mouth if you can reach your tit and pinch or bite it and see if it feels good. If you choose to purchase a pair of clamps, maybe it’s best to go with something small and light. You don’t want to go all-out immediately.

So, pinch your nipples with them and leave them for as long as you like. Once you decide to take them off, your tits will feel like they’ve fallen asleep. Just like one of your limbs after being trapped under your body while sleeping for hours. You can pull them, shake them, do whatever you like, just as long as your body responds positively.

The best nipple clamps for beginners & experts

Nipple suckers

The whole point of these toys is to make a vacuum around your nipples. This way, they increase the amount of blood flow inside your breast, leaving them more vulnerable for future stimulation. In some ways, nipple suckers are just like little pumps. They pump the air out and leave your nipple hard, waiting for the gentlest of touches to set off.

Tweezer clamps

Tweezers are the simplest of the bunch, making them perfect for nipple play newbies. They have adjustable ends, so you can make sure that the clamps won’t bite your tits off when you’re using them for the first time. Also, tweezer clamps have rubber ends that keep your tits safe from cuts or scratches.

Bull-nose clamps

Unlike the previous clamps, the bull-nose ones are a bit more extreme. They have a stronger body, meaning they’ll do more “damage” to your tits. Usually, bull-nose clamps have a chain that comes with them, allowing you to pull on them for additional stimulation. You simply need to adjust the screws on it and place them onto your body for them to work their magic.

Alligator clamps

These clamps can come in two different types — plain and tickling clamps. The first ones are pretty much basic, but they do have additional weights to make the whole experience a bit more enjoyable. On the other hand, the tickling ones have feathers that you can use to tickle your nipple while the clamp is pinching it. It makes the whole thing way more fun.

Clover clamps

Namely, these toys are of Japanese origin. Their whole trick is that they get tighter the more you pull on them. So, the more adventurous you feel, the more it will sting and bite. You can also attach them to other toys if you’d like, which makes them pretty versatile in ways you can play with yourself.

Vibrating clamps

Just like their name says, vibrating nipple clamps use motion to additionally stimulate your breasts. You attach them just like any others, but then you turn them on, and they begin to vibrate, adding to the original thrill of pinching. You can play around with the amount of vibration you want, depending on the toy and its properties.

Tips when using nipple clamps

Communication is key

Like with any other form of sexual play, it’s important to base nipple play on communication. In case you don’t speak your mind and let your partner know what you expect from clamps, you might end up disappointed or even hurt. Hence, we suggest you openly share both of your ideas and come up with a plan beforehand.

Adjust them during play if needed

In case you feel like your clamps are too tight, don’t feel bad about breaking the moment and readjusting them. The whole point is to feel good about it, and if the clamps are too harsh or mellow on you, feel free to change their settings whenever you’d like.

Timing is essential

Another important tip is to not overuse them. What we mean by that is that you shouldn’t keep them on for more than 30 minutes. That’s more than enough time for your nipples to become ready for further stimulation.

Experiment with different variants and styles

There’s no definite clamp out there. All of them offer great possibilities, and by experimenting with different types of nipple clamps, you’ll get the most of every type of sensation and possibility that various clamps offer. For more inspiration on what nipple clamps you might like best like nipple vibrators, you can check out

The sensation varies per person

Lastly, it’s important to state that what feels good for you doesn’t mean it will work for your lover. Maybe they don’t like it as rough or gentle as you do, so be prepared to switch up things when using nipple clamps with others.