How To Properly Stimulate Your Butt for Maximum Pleasure

The anus in pegging is a workplace, so in order to get unforgettable pleasure from a strap-on it should be kept developed. Experts give you their best advice on how to gape your asshole.

Designed anus

The sphincter must have certain elasticity and be capable of stretching. Before you begin training on the development of the anus, remember the main rules:

  1. It is necessary to develop anal gradually, slowly, very gently and carefully.
  2. Before training, an enema with plenty of water is a must!

Take a comfortable position, for example, squatting or lying on your back. Try to relax as much as possible. Apply a sufficient amount of grease, lubricant or petroleum jelly to the finger. Massage the sphincter in a circular motion, pressing on the hole and gradually penetrating with your finger. Get your finger to the full length. Several times strain and relax, feel the new sensations. When you achieve a confident and painless entry, use the same technique with a second finger.

Good results are obtained by the bottle method. Choose a bottle with a narrow neck, put a condom on it and lubricate it with a lubricant. Then, pushing the buttocks apart with your hands, gently sit on it. The bottle will slowly penetrate into the depth of the anus and its walls also slowly push the anus.

Fist champagne bottle

For the next exercise you will need a butt plug of a not large size. It can be purchased at the online sex shop. At bedtime, during the week, insert it in your ass and sleep with it. In the morning taking off for a rest.

It is also necessary to insert the cork slowly and with abundant lubricant. To relax the muscles of the anus, you can use poppers. Every day, after removing the plug, clean the anus with a nourishing cream.

Next week, you can increase the diameter of the cork a couple of centimeters and leave the cork all day. And lying down for the night, immediately after taking out, try to gradually insert a long dildo, teaching the ass for deep anal. After a little time, your anus will be able to easily take a strap-on of the required size.

Preparation for anal fingering

For almost all types of anal games, cleanliness is essential. Taking a shower or bath will be a good preparatory procedure and the beginning of your entertainment. If your fingers or sex toys have been inside the partner’s anus, then you need to wash them before poking in any other place. Carelessness in this matter can result in a very serious infection. Get a good lubricant and do not regret it when using it, the first few times starts with the slowest movements. Evaluate the partner’s reaction to your actions and proceed accordingly.

Make sure your nails are cut short enough before you insert them anywhere, especially in the anus. The epithelium lining the rectum is quite thin, and sharp objects can damage it. If you have long nails, you can wrap them with cotton and wear a latex glove. In addition, if you are very worried about what may remain on your finger after removing it from the anus – just put a regular condom on your finger.

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For men

Some men are not very inclined to experiment with this part of the body, because they believe that getting pleasure from this occupation means to question their heterosexuality. No matter how silly this may sound, this opinion is a product of prejudice and lack of understanding in modern society. In any case, be sure to talk with your partner to avoid unexpected reaction.

Squeeze out a little grease on your finger and start at a quiet pace. For most people who have never engaged in anal games before, the sphincter muscles will shrink. If it is tense, do not try to get inside, as this will cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Instead, do small circular movements around the partner’s anus and wait for the sphincter to relax. As soon as the muscles begin to relax, gradually begin to move your finger slightly back and forth. First, penetrate your finger a little bit, gradually pushing it deeper, do not forget during this to observe the reaction of your man and his expression to make sure that you are not in too much of a hurry.

Having got a finger inside, you can do a lot of things with it, for example, rotate the hand, move it back and forth, hold it in circles along the walls of the rectum, or stimulate certain points with circular movements. Inside and around the male anus there are two points, the stimulation of which gives the man a lot of pleasure. The first is the anus itself, around which there is a large number of nerve endings, which is why it is very sensitive. The second point is the prostate gland, located at a distance of about 5 cm from the anal orifice and to the touch usually resembling a solid rounded protrusion.

It is most effective to turn to anal games when a man is about to ejaculate. If you get a finger inside and make him stimulate the prostate, thanks to this, having reached orgasm, he will experience a whole new level of pleasure, and, most likely, he will ask you to repeat it. Stimulating the prostate gland at the moment when it is close to ejaculation, you can provide him with a three times stronger orgasm.

For women

Without getting too close to the anus, caress the inside of her thighs and buttocks with your hands and mouth. Some women had a bad experience with anal games, and in most cases this was due to the fact that the partner moved much faster or less gently than it was worth doing. If your partner had this way, then you need to start, first of all, with a conversation on this topic. If you find out what her last partner did wrong, you can avoid repeating his mistakes.

For anal fingering, natural vaginal lubrication or saliva may be suitable, but we strongly recommend that you use a lubricant, especially in the first times. Squeeze a sufficient amount of lubricant on your finger and start with a circular motion with your finger around your partner’s anus. If you feel that she is squeezing it, then you need to find a way to help her relax, because persistent penetration is deeper when her muscles are tense, it will cause all those unpleasant sensations. You can relieve her anxiety by kissing her lips and all over her body, you can also do cunnilingus. If you have the opportunity to pre-put some music or light candles, this should help her feel more comfortable.

Once you’ve got your finger inside, start moving it to find out what she likes. Start slowly and gently, be sure to pay attention to her reaction when you accelerate the pace and / or pressure. The basic techniques for the beginning is a circular rotation of the finger along the walls of its rectum, circular movements at a certain point, movement of the finger back and forth, rotation of the hand, in which the finger also rotates. Remember all that you can from the above, and begin to combine two, three or more techniques. Never forget that this is a very sensitive area of ??the body, so be careful and watch its reaction before moving on.