Cam Girl Tip: Get Over Your Fear of Drowning in an Oversaturated Market

Have you ever thought that cam girl market is getting oversatured and one day you may not survive the competition? Read this great article written by webcam model Beau where she explains why you shouldn’t worry (assuming you do things right and take your webcam modeling career serious). Also don’t forget to check out some of her great blog.

These days, with many countries experiencing a massive economic downturn, several industries are being outsourced and some are even disappearing completely. Recession, bankruptcy, and foreclosure is running rampant and dampening the spirits of many of the world’s citizens who had heretofore been fairly positive in their expectations for the future for the world at large.

In a curious form of juxtaposition, one particular industry which serves as a counterpoint, and which is increasing its exposure at lightning speed, is that of the online “live sex” industry. In this vein, the camgirl industry is booming exponentially and is projected to increase, not decline, over time.

The major live cam sites such as MyFreeCams, Streamate and My Girl Fund have tens of thousands of women signed up, ready and willing to go online to bare their bodies, and sometimes their souls, for a ‘token of appreciation’ (or several). This can translate to mega-bucks and lead to an actual sustainable ‘career’ as a work-from-homer who just so happens to work in the nude in her living room.

Of those denizens of women, however, only a few rise to the top and become ‘mega’ chat hostesses earning in excess of $20,000 a month consistently. Many others will see their dreams of fat paychecks and easy living become nothing more than a nightmare of chargebacks, dead time, rude men, and long waiting periods between payment, hoping for that ‘one’ cam customer who will rescue them from the tedious nature of ‘waiting’ to please someone online. According to the law of averages, the majority of women committed to a camming career will fall somewhere in the middle on the earnings scale, and able to adjust their expectations and/or lifestyle in exchange for what will amount to a reasonable monthly salary for their household.

Because of the allure of this niche industry, many new women join the ranks of adult hostessing everyday. Scores of women who have never worked in the adult industry before and have held ‘vanilla’ jobs their whole lives are suddenly making the switch to voyeurize themselves for money. The fear of oversaturation of the market has begun to mount. Yet, new and current cam-girls ought not fear this rapid emergence of new femme bots. Not at all.

The main reason why more women joining popular sites isn’t that bad is the concept of, uh—“stick-to-it-iveness”……(yes, probably a made-up word, but you get the meaning) and individual motivation— traits in which a lot of people are sorely lacking in regards to a consistent work ethic. A LOT of women joining the ranks does not, in and of itself, correlate to those same women:

a) sticking with their site of choice, especially if they get frustrated easily because they jumped in to the business assuming the money would just flood their account from minute one of being on cam

b) reading extensively as to the different ways they can generate income (active AND passive) and devoting time to training themselves to SELL effectively. This is sales, after all.

c) working a regular schedule on the site so that they can become known and stick out in the sea of hostesses. When you go into business for yourself, you are officially a BRAND. You need to be a memorable brand. And one that is ‘open for business’ so to speak, on a regular basis.

d) creating the best profile possible. Men are visual creatures. Great quality pictures, or at least ‘clear’ , recent, and relevant are what often makes or breaks a man’s decision to spend his hard-earned money on a strange nude girl before his screen.

e) regularly updating their content/picture sets. Yes, ‘you’ are always ‘you’, but you can repackage yourself and your look a million-fold to appeal to as many customers as possible. The easiest way to do this is to constantly create something ‘new’ about you: costume, picture location, hair, etc. A set of pictures or videos that you made ‘on the fly’ could pick up a new customer who you would never have had if you had not experimented with different ways to be ‘you’.


So, you know the expression, “You can lead a _horse_ to _water______ but you can’t make them __drink_________?”

Well, let’s replace the blanks with ” You can lead a woman to financial opportunity, but you can’t make them rich”. And the only way to be rich is to ‘work’ for it. And like Oprah once said, “Nothing will work unless you do.” For women who really want to commit to secure financial freedom in this genre of adult entertainment, the sky is the limit.

Now, as an adult entertainer and camgirl myself, why do I care about the financial freedom of other women?
Because, there is no use in “hogging the knowledge”. A few of the women who are just now entering the online legion of ‘boob’ may be your biggest motivator or resource guru one day. Those same women may help YOU out with new creative and innovative strategies. Or serve as unofficial advisors in regards to financial info/tips/new goldmines…..

And, ultimately, because YOU are still gonna have to “mine” for that gold and do the WORK if you want it, and not just ‘read’ or ‘know’ about it. You know? 😉

Hope this helps!