Are There Advantages To Wearing A Chastity Device?

The best male chastity device long-term closure should be comfortable, invisible under clothing, safe and effective and, of course, the keynote’s ideas.

It is a device that all should fulfill these requirements, which prevents an orgasm and masturbation impossible makes. To develop a universal model here, which suits all people, is impossible. So there is not a single chastity device that can do justice to all men and their keyholder. After all, everyone has different needs and preferences.

Realistically, there is probably no device that provides total security against masturbation and orgasm, unless you reach deep into your pocket financially. The only thing you can do is to hope that the desired device makes these activities difficult. Some men report that masturbation is sometimes possible. Others say that while wearing a type of orgasm cannot be ruled out.

For many key mistresses, these little tricks are also a way to torment the wearer. For example, with a vibrator on the cage itself an orgasm can be caused.

To find the ideal cage for yourself, you should be sure of your own fantasies and imagination and see which device suits your own lifestyle, body shape, penis size and of course the financial framework. The wishes and thoughts of the Key Lord are also to be considered here.

Also, things like urinating, sitting down easily and standing normally can be an important point in your selection. Off-the-shelf cages are often better available and cheaper than custom-made devices, which often cost more and have a longer delivery time.

Also, it is always recommended to buy cages “off the shelf” rather in small online shops such as Because then you have the opportunity to approach questions directly to the shop or maybe even look behind the scenes.

The first experimental steps to chastity

Of course, by experimenting and trying something out, you can find out what you really want faster and better.In some shops it is even possible to combine different cages with different testicular rings and thereby achieve different scenarios. The result is often pretty close to the end.So there are different leather, metal or rubber pen rings, on which different baskets can be plugged and closed. Type and condition can vary here and are freely selectable. See many types and kinds of silicon cages at

Short and short term wearing time

Chastity belts suitable for short wearing times often require close monitoring by the Key Lord. Often these cages have to be taken off when going to the bathroom or to the bathroom.However, cages in this category are quite wonderful for getting into chastity. For the requirements to carry this cage only a few hours or days, they fulfill their purpose.

Leather chastity belts are ideal for a club visit, but have not been designed for hours or even days. However, these leather belts make it easier to find out if chastity is the right thing to do. The urination is not limited by such a cage possible and must be completely removed for cleaning.Completely closed cages,  as in this example here, leave little room to touch or “ventilate”, while urinating is possible as much as possible. The penis is completely enveloped and closed and the cage allows no contact. He is locked up like in a steel tube. For cleaning, losing weight is indispensable. But the meaning and purpose behind the chastity fulfills this piece all the time.The pipe does not shine and stingy in beauty, so you can buy this cage here as well.

With a chain chastity belt you have the opportunity to wear the cage on the go, because this cage adapts to the body and thus is easy to wear under a pair of jeans or a suit and does not apply as thick. “Ventilation” is possible, the penis can also straighten up and the cleaning can also take place for days without removing the cage, although not quite as thorough. Only one feels the movement through the chain links, so that an ejaculation is not impossible.

A cage made of leather and metal  is another alternative for a short-term closure. Because such a cage is not heavy, it is also portable for a longer duration. And can be narrowed by the straps and also looks very good visually. However, also here for cleaning a digestion must be done and after urinating a cleaning on would be of advantage.

A chastity belt made of all-metal and stainless steel  are due to the weight just for beginners rather only a short duration portable. Due to the metallic look, he looks very nice. For regular cleaning, the cage should be removed, but it is by no means difficult to urinate. He is anatomically well formed and fits the penis very well.

Prince Albert pierced  men now have the ultimate advantage of a specially designed protection that is comfortable, lightweight, durable, easy to clean, and great for urinating. And the beauty of this piece is even that it costs comparatively little. If you want to get a piercing, let the piercer advise you first.

The so-called ballbags are an ideal method to package the penis and testicles. They are often delivered with lock and sometimes even have a corresponding punishment device by spikes in the interior. Urinating and cleaning is not possible with these bags made of leather or rubber. For example, this bag can be complemented as a punishment method and expand.

There are also  all-metal versions , which also allow proper cleaning during permanent wear and make no urination and also shine through optics. Therefore, this version can also be wonderfully used and complemented by a wonderful wearing comfort. But if you fumble something here, it can quite come to an orgasm – although this orgasm is beautiful?

The disadvantage of this type of cages is that they are not variable in size, shape and material. This means that they only exist in a fixed size. And either the good piece fits on its own dimensions, or not. Therefore, it behaves similar to garments. One size fits all.

Therefore: Take your time measuring, so you do not make a bad buy. Only then will it be the right fun and not push here or draw here.The size information I have deliberately not written down, as they are listed in the article descriptions in each case.

Longer and longer term wear

These are just such devices that are suitable for the longer wearing time. The normal body functions as well as the cleaning can be accomplished usually without problems. Of course, a little monitoring by the keyholder is necessary if he is released weekly from his prison for thorough cleaning and investigation.

Cages, with the original Florentine design are best suited for the long-term closure. Just click on the image on the left and it will open a GIF, where you can view the full KG from all sides.

Of course you should first check exactly, if you can really cope with such cages. You should find out if you really feel comfortable wearing such a KG, also in terms of the bowel movement.